Friendly Banter

Started by Ella on 6/12/2018 10:16:49 AM

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6/12/2018 10:16 AM
My friend Mr. Peabody mentioned on the other thread that if a player gets stuck or frozen, the other players try to "help him out" by booting him.

The fact that Pea is my buddy does not stop me from disagreeing with him. I am a WNA player at heart, and it has always been our rule that if a player freezes, we don't boot. Instead, we wait patiently for a minute or two until the game realizes that they're frozen. I have been booted for freezing, and couldn't get back into the room for 15 minutes because that's the punishment for being booted (according to Puzz, this might have changed.) I agree that it's very thin-skinned of me, but I have to say that my feelings were hurt that my friends would boot me because they're missing 30 seconds of a stupid game that most of us play only because we like the people we're playing with.

Please save booting for people who come to disrupt the game, and not those who freeze or who stop playing for a few minutes because something is going on in "real life" and they have to walk away from the computer. It isn't a nice thing to do to a friendly player, and it certainly doesn't "help" them.
Mr. PeaBody
6/13/2018 11:31 PM
Ella what I should of said if my ass is stuck and gumming up the game I would understand giving me the boot. However I would not boot just to boot that would be rude. You my dear lady is a real gem in this world :)
6/16/2018 9:17 PM
You don't have to worry, Pea. I would never boot you. Never.
6/17/2018 1:25 AM
Hugzzz ella
your so nice i cant imagine anyone wanting to boot you...

N Im trying to be nicer

6/17/2018 9:00 AM
Thanks, Denee. I wouldn't ever boot you, either. Really, I only boot people who come to the game to start trouble. I actually haven't seen anyone do that in a long time, but it used to be pretty frequent. I wonder what those crazy people decided was more fun than coming here. ;-)
6/18/2018 9:37 PM
Lol i think they all went to fever

Cause sometimes it bets pretty crazy in there
6/19/2018 4:41 PM
6/20/2018 12:46 AM
Sometimes it helps hab
If you get lost
To go back to the
Last place you remember

An fortuntely in forum
You can do that
6/21/2018 9:40 AM
yes fuct, I have to say..... your right!
6/22/2018 12:54 AM
Lmao hab

Yes i
a good percentage of the time
7/13/2018 5:23 AM

Lol ,


I faced my fears,
I came to the clean room,
I obeyed the rules,

An all was well

Life is a learning process
7/13/2018 9:32 PM
lol fuct just lol
7/14/2018 2:28 AM

Lmffao does thar mean im not 14
Any more
7/18/2018 11:54 PM
Putting on my western boots and going booting in Durango tonight...
7/20/2018 1:07 AM
Hey donk

That made a pix in my mind

7/21/2018 9:27 PM
"Booting" to me is walking around in boots, lol.
7/21/2018 10:10 PM
Lol me too

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