AcroChallenge Rules

AcroChallenge is a word based game where you compete against others to create the best phrase from a server generated acronym.

A series of acronyms (3 to 7 letters) will appear on the screen.  Your job is to create a phrase for the letters given.  You have 60 seconds to type your answer and press 'Enter'.   Each word in your phrase must start with the corresponding letter in the acronym given or your phrase will not be accepted.

When all of the players have finished their phrases, a voting screen will appear.  The phrases will appear in random order so you do not know who wrote each phrase.  Select the phrase you like the most and click the 'Submit Vote' button.  If you do not vote you will not be eligible to earn any points.


1. Each player will receive one point for each vote their phrase receives.
2. The high scorer in the round will earn bonus points equal to the number of letters in the acro.
3. If there is a tie, the player that entered their phrase the fastest will get the bonus points.
4. Each player that votes for the winning phrase will receive one point.