52, Bayfield, Colorado. Hopefully soon to the MS Gulf Coast. Love this!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In case some of you don't know, once in a blue moon, I use Evil Roy Slade to post on the message board. It won't be hard to pick me out as I will tell you my usual nic straight away with nothing to hide. I also sometimes play as Nostradumass, no secret there!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My wish in acro life is to be ranked #683 out of the 102 active players!

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Current Statistics
Games Played:18425
Games Finished:14325
Games Won:784
Rounds Played:126853
Final Rounds Played:4313
Avg. points per round:1.37
Highest Score:14
Highest Acro:(Adult Acros not recorded)
Highest Score Date:5/5/2012 1:54:00 AM

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