Friendly Banter

Started by DB'sRadMom1 on 1/10/2015 2:42:19 AM

1/10/2015 2:42 AM
Why should I go into a room and see a person with an edited screen name be kicked when they had not said a single word in the room. The room did not like his name. Then when I defended the individual, I was kicked as well. I was called stupid and all the rest. This game contains a bunch of under-matured idiots, including but not limited to Stengar, the assclown who kicked me and the other person. I will not be attempting to play here again.
1/11/2015 1:46 AM
wtg stengar

..... one less playernow

mom is a good adult player and alot fo fun

...i wasnt there
when it happened

so i dont know
what happened

why people come aand people go

it's just their choice i guess
Mr. PeaBody
1/11/2015 2:19 PM
I was not in the room that night DB and sorry you feel that way. No one player can kick another it takes the majority of the room. Sometimes a glitch happens and players get "frozen" in the room and the only way to help them is to vote out. Did you try to come back into the room? The only time I have Stengar and others react this way is if racist or "adult" acros are involved. It could of just been a simple misunderstanding. Give it another shot. :)
1/11/2015 7:54 PM
Exactly what Mr. PeaBody said. IF you got lynched, there just had to be a reason beyond what is stated here. That's all.
1/11/2015 8:01 PM
Oh, but wait.. that is not all. There is also no "ass clownery" allowed in the clean rooms. I doubt it falls under the guide of "friendly banter" to be calling anyone that in this forum. This should probably be moved to the unfriendly.
1/11/2015 8:36 PM
FrontButt and Large Negro launched an attack on the clean room and we tried to defend ourselves. Shortly after, a brand new nick appeared, clearly meant to be provocative. We defended ourselves again. Moments later, a number of adult players who never play in the clean rooms by day showed up, obviously summoned on Skype of facebook by the creator of that nick; in other words, it was an established adult player who could immediately call their friends after deliberately provoking us. Denee, you and your friends were played like violins. Its embarrassing, but don't blame me.
1/12/2015 1:43 AM

..i havent bean played sten

i said i missed what happened loud and clear..

an im nt repsonsible for the fact that front butt and his croneis
were in last night
pissing off the clean room

im not repsonsible for any of that

i was just a observer
i walked into the middle of it..
i dont even know what happened
or what that players name was

an i dont care

casue mom kind of maDE A GOOD point
about how people dont hassle me with a name like fuct

but i think that could be casues fucts funny

andand maybe the the name was just not acceptable
i dont know

1/12/2015 2:03 AM
I haven't played in a clean room in ages. I used to go into clean after playing adult to cleanse my sould, lol, sort of like taking a shower after swimming in the gutter. That being said, I understood the rules of the clean room, never complained that it was 'too clean' etc.

I have always gotten along with the folks that play there BUT there have been a couple times where I've been in being quiet and just playing where a certain person or two whom don't need to be named, write a rather risque' acro and the regulars laugh and vote for it. Then, when someone that isn't in the kliq writes something similar, all hell has broken loose.

That part isn't fair and I've seen it happen more than once and after the last time it happened, (well over a year ago) I haven't been back.

On the other hand, I can TOTALLY understand being on the defensive, especially if the two sacks of crap called frontbutt and large negro come in and raise hell. It is completely within his/their nature to make up other provocative names and start their crap repeatedly. Unfortunately, this version does not have a time penalty like the older version did. If someone gets the boot, they can pop right back in. I think that cases such as this warrant not only a time penalty, but a choice be given to the players voting to boot on said penalty time.

I also have always believed that no one from the adult rooms should ever go to clean to push the boundaries or whine about it being 'too clean'. I also don't think clean players should come over to adult and say it's too dirty, which has happened in the past.

We each have our preferred rooms to play in so let's just be keep that in mind if we find ourselves 'crossing over'.

I feel in this case that it may have been a question of unlucky timing.
1/12/2015 3:30 AM
lol Well, we're all turkeys at one time or another, no matter how we might think our stuff doesn't stink. So don't let the turkeys get you down, even if that turkey happens to be yourself. :) I think I did play one game with a RadMom and even voted for them once or twice, though I wasn't there for this particular time.
1/12/2015 8:41 PM
I have nothing to say about this particular incident,
but I did observe the kicking-process in action recently.

A player was not entering acros or voting for several rounds during a game, so there was a kick vote, since they were holding up the game.

It turned out that the player had stepped away from the computer and planned to resume play.

Whenever they returned to the game, they were immediately kicked - automatically - without any further votes.

At the end of the game, we made a new room, and then they were able to return and play.

Conclusion: if you are kicked from a room, that remains in place
(don't know if time limited or forever),
but does not apply to other rooms or the site in general.
1/14/2015 2:24 AM

mom put on your big girl panties and come back...plz
Evil Roy Slade
1/17/2015 6:13 AM
Easiest way to deal with the two troll losers coming in and wreaking havoc is this: Make another passworded room, private the password to the non-trolls and everyone slip out at the same time leaving the two jerks behind. Adult has done that for ages.
Once they figure out they can no longer terrorize, they leave.
1/18/2015 4:39 AM
It's even easier than that, seriously,. just ignore it and if you can't do that, the game has a great block feature that will not only block their chat, but also their answers.
1/18/2015 4:43 AM
I heard that block was not working for all players. That might be an HTML issue dependent on the browser you use. It works for me on Firefox.
1/18/2015 4:45 AM
funny thing too. it's been said "ignore any strange characters you might see in the room" but on Firefox, there are literally strange characters in the room that are visible behind the chat :)
1/19/2015 1:10 AM
1/20/2015 11:42 AM
Yeah, what?!
1/23/2015 1:32 AM
Nice to see I have some supporters! For the record, that night, NOTHING WAS SAID by the screen name in question. He didn't even have a chance to enter an acro or anything before he was kicked. When D3 came in (the screen name in question was a friend of his who he invited to play here with us) and asked where his friend was at, he started getting a bunch of flack as well. Then I was called stupid for defending his friend. What a mess! I have no knowledge of what happend before I came in the room with the other two people, but I find it really stupid that because 2 people acted up, someone else with a screen name that no one liked would be kicked. and at what point is it NOT acceptable for a person to play in a clean room when they usually play dirty? As long as the acro's fit the venue, what's the difference? BTW, thanks Donk and Fuct for your support!
1/24/2015 1:57 AM

ty mom hugzzz

1/24/2015 1:57 AM
DAMN hgzzz not all of us are aSSHOLES
1/30/2015 12:42 AM

some of us yes
2/10/2015 10:18 PM
this game don't work for shit - who's the idiot that wrote it.

Oh sit. that's me. :()
2/11/2015 3:15 AM
lmffao@ mike

you dumb sit
ty ty FOR the game

the main thing is... you tried
soyour not perfect yet

none of us are perfect

sometimes i feel like im approaching perfection..

5/23/2018 10:58 PM

But then something happens to burst my balloon..

6/4/2018 11:52 PM
huh... Can't we ALL just get along....lmbo!