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"game log in"
Started by Large Negro on 5/31/2009 1:53:20 AM

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Large Negro
5/31/2009 1:53 AM
is there a reason that i can log into the message board but im having problems login into the game itself?
5/31/2009 1:57 AM
It seems SethPutnam is also "banned". What the crap?
6/1/2009 2:43 AM
I just got booted. I just came here to see if I could post, & I can. It was a small room of like 6 whores, living in SisterFister's anus.Seriously, how much further up her ass could some of these people be? She PM'd them immediately, before I said one word & had me voted out, of course. This being America, & what not. The beauty of censorship is not the censoring of WORDS, but the censoring of IDEAS! The worst kind of censorship. The ONE thing (and there is almost only one) I like about this site, is the "block feature". I think it's BRILLIANT! If you see, hear, read something you don't like, you should NOT have to endure that!! That is your right! That is the beauty of the block feature. BUT... if you BLOCK someone, & can no longer be bothered by WHATEVER it is that bothered you in the first place, you should NOT have the option to BOOT that person. I'm not going to dispute Michael's rules. This is my opinion. (My drunken opinion) I just don't see the logic in the two choices. You have made your choice to never see that person's "IDEAS" ever again. Why should you be able to keep others from seeing their ideas? I think I have proven by the responses on the message board, I have some "fans". To each, their own. The End ...I am going to up-end this bottle of Knob Creek, & wheelchair roll my black ass down the driveway, until some passer-by picks up my womanly ass!
6/1/2009 3:04 AM
YAY! This time, I was in the room for 4 seconds! SisterFister & her army of Nazis booted me IMMIDIATELY! Sounds like democracy to me! Her 1st beef with me was "YOU'RE CHEATING WITH 147 PLAYERS VOTING FOR YOU, UNDER ONE IP ADDRESS!!" Then I won/got in Face Off 4 games in a row with 6 people in the room. So, OBVIOUSLY, I had figured out another way to cheat. Now, she has just had enough of me winning, & her NOT winning, & she has taken action! Her not winning be damned!! Her horrible, illiterate acros losing to mine will not be tolerated!
6/1/2009 5:13 AM
Hmmm... I wasn't there for whatever started all this recently BUT I'll say this... There IS the option to BLOCK someone if you don't like their ideas, thoughts, etc. Once that option has been used, that should be the end of it. Otherwise, the boot option should be used only when clearly necessary. I haven't always agreed OR voted for acros that I didn't like or that I found distasteful but it's not boot worthy. If that were the case, NONE of us would still be playing acro.

And I will say, I have never had ANY problems with Large, personally. Actually, he's always been pretty friendly with me.

Anyways... there's my 2 cents.
6/1/2009 5:26 AM
Oh yeah... I don't think you're an asshole. Hell, I thought when I was describing my most painful pregnancy moment, in acro, about how my son managed to jam his foot on top of my rib cage, and I counted 5 toes on his foot and knew that he had one normal foot.. you instantly replying with "and the other was a flipper" was TRULY classic and VERY funny! Could be just me, but I did find that hysterically funny. LOL!
6/1/2009 6:08 AM
That is pretty funny. I didn't say it, though. Might have been Seth.
6/2/2009 9:44 AM
/BP {username}
Adds a user to your block list. It will block all chat text, private chats and acros. You can
edit and remove blocks from by clicking on the My Profile link. If an annoying player keeps
reappearing, you may have check the 'Block IP Subnet' option. This will filter out all
players matching the first 3 bytes of the blocked IP address.

Double click on a player's name twice (game screen only) to automatically activate this

It's THAT Simple!

I myself have a handful of people from this site BLOCKED.

It's FANTASTIC! I no longer have to indure them being annoying as hell, vote for them & better yet, SEE there stupid acros! ***PROBLEM SOLVED*** Yet I do NOT kick them from a room. They have a RIGHT to dislike ME and I them. I myself prefer an acro that makes me laugh for one reason or another and if I do not like it I SIMPLY do not vote for it. EVERYONE has there own style & taste of acros, I have NO right to kick someone for that. I WILL Kick someone that seems to be stuck and or just squatting. However that's not what we are talking about here is it? Bottom line.....

"When an argument flares up, the wise man quenches it with silence"

FYI- Large, Front & Seth are NOT on my BLOCK page.
6/3/2009 6:59 PM
Excuse me Mr FrontButt but I did NOT pm anybody to kick you
out. It's NO secret we don't want you there ya dork! If you can't play nice then don't play at all. And BTW last time I looked there was nobody in my anus. Have another drink, FB!
Large Negro
6/9/2009 10:27 PM
I have not heard anything back to why i can't lg into the game, im still waiting for an answer. If im being block for a reason i'd like the answer.


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