I'm the kind of guy who buys his underwear at a gas station. I don't give a fuck! On my 18th birthday I punched a cow in the face. I'll staple bologna to a tree, take a picture of it, then bounce the camera off your FACE! You understand where I'm coming from, Shitbag? That's right. I'm talking about hunting chickens, with a hammer! I'll change my socks at a stop light, then jump out & set your car on fire. I sleep on the roof, to piss off the neighbors. I'll tear off your pants & give them away to charity. Don't even test me, Princess!

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Games Played:1852
Games Finished:1082
Games Won:121
Rounds Played:10480
Final Rounds Played:913
Avg. points per round:1.99
Highest Score:14
Highest Acro:(Adult Acros not recorded)
Highest Score Date:5/26/2010 12:23:00 AM

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