Hi.. My name is Sindy.. I'm in my 40's... married with 2 teenage daughters ... I'm a northern transplant from NJ living in Virginia (near Richmond)... and will always be a JERSEY GIRL at heart ... I've been playing Acro since 1997 (bezerk)... I really enjoy playing the game (ya think) .. and most of the people here (((tamipoooo)))) ... I'm on the CR and Villian teams ..

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Current Statistics
Games Played:17966
Games Finished:12969
Games Won:2036
Rounds Played:120058
Final Rounds Played:11485
Avg. points per round:2.06
Highest Score:17
Highest Acro:"Antler Necking" "Elf Hockey" Santa's college league.
Highest Score Date:12/21/2007 10:14:00 PM

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