---------------------------------------- www..myspace.com/gypsyrage ---------------------------------------- www.facebook.com https://www.facebook.com/Crowlypso--------------------------------Michelle Lewis------------------------------------------------------- Whoop: We're Horny, Oppressed Old People!_________ Whoop: We have other options? Perfect!_______________________________________ Skin Artist & Dietary Cook/Patient Activist and So much More! Living in the northwest. I Da HO...U Da Ho Acroing since 1999 ***WAS A ***-Member of The Bach Pack Acro Team: http://www.themuffster.com/bachpack/ Ship wrecked on Dec. 15th/16th-2002. Now A proud member of the Hot Tub/bers!Check out: Team Acro & the Teams websites.My Name arrived shortly after joining The BP's and yes I played team acro b4 ever Actually playing ACRO... Weird! Whoop not being of or 4 a college, and the song goes "Woot"...there it is! But I like Whoop better... and use it! mostly I picked it from an Ice Cube song "Put The "Whoop" on em..."FYI....... ======================================== ----------I Love word games, Love All Animals,(especially my Doggies! whom passed away) august 2008 got a new one though "Skeye"!! ... and Fishing, Rock Hounding, Herbs & Roots, Painting, Drawing. Moonshine.Good Red Wine(Dry) Garlic Onions Parsley & Cilantro. I collect many things, one of my favorites is rocks & feathers. Now bones & skulls. I listen to Punk Rock, Reggae, Rock, Blues, Rap, Metal, Outlaw Country & much more! I love Nature!!! Many days after Fishing I take my empty grocery sack & fill it with "Other's" Discarded garbage! I Loath those who Litter!I try to take @ least one piece(usually more) of someone else's garbage out w/ me, I don't even leave my own cigarette butts! "One World... welcome to it! One World... don't abuse it!"-Anthrax- Peace & Anarchy! Oh, how Crass!<-^-///

Email: gypsyrage@hotmail.com

Whoop is ranked
#17 out of 20 players!

Current Statistics
Games Played:6253
Games Finished:4675
Games Won:298
Rounds Played:41698
Final Rounds Played:1560
Avg. points per round:1.69
Highest Score:17
Highest Acro:Flowers eaten? Usually a bunny is present!
Highest Score Date:6/29/2008 1:12:00 AM

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