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"Korea under one one flag"
Started by fuct on 2/10/2018 1:09:15 AM

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2/10/2018 1:09 AM
2/10/2018 1:12 AM
Marched in the winter olympics
It gave me hope for the world

An i wonder. Why now

Was is it
Caused it to happen

There are so many possible reasons
It could be
But at least it seems to be happening...

Its great to see humanity at its best
2/13/2018 2:04 PM
2/14/2018 1:04 AM
Lol ya it was hopeful

But now i see

My bubble has burst
Some poor candian smuck is gettin death threats

Because the korean athlete messed up

Not the way anyone wants to win. A medal
But they decided to give it to him instead

An then
To have to put up with that

whoever made that death threat
Is snot a good representaive for their country

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