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"acro on iPad"
Started by Charlie.Frown on 3/25/2011 5:22:59 AM

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3/25/2011 5:22 AM
hello, I saw several questions concerning Acro Challenge on iPad. Although you can emulate Windows environment on top of iOS ("Bochs"), the performance at this stage is certainly too sluggish, so maybe one day it will be possible. Fortunately there's another option - remote desktop clients (VNC). Although it won't enable iPad to run Acro as standalone machine, as you still need full fledged computer in your house, but the opportunity of playing on your couch is so tempting. I know this is too laggy for regular games, but since Acro Challenge is text based and there's not much dynamics of the screen, it might be usable. Additionally you can try to increase remote desktop's refresh rate and lower colors to 256. Can anyone report the performance before I get my own iPad?

Here's the list of VNC apps:!5713455/the-best-vnc-apps-for-your-ipad


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