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"can't find lobby"
Started by belle77 on 4/17/2010 9:56:12 PM

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4/17/2010 9:56 PM
can anyone help me find the lobby so i can get into a room - i have played before, but have not been able to access any room lately.

thanks for any help you can give me

4/26/2010 11:47 PM
yeah what belle said
5/7/2010 7:01 AM
Yeah I did the downloads and installations yesterday and played a game but now I don`t see any way in to the rooms ? How come?
5/8/2010 7:57 PM
Once you download the game an icon should appear on your desktop, once u sign in through that link you should be in the lobby. bring you to the MB as u know though.

Hope I Helped :)

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