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"Dear Moderators"
Started by Drimble Wedge on 8/30/2009 5:29:53 PM

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Drimble Wedge
8/30/2009 5:29 PM
It is clear to me, and probably many others that enjoy acrochallenge, that the message board has become something other than what it was intended to be. It seems like nobody reads the rules. I'm also not one to suggest for a second that it be closed, or that anyones right to freedom of expression be thwarted. So I'd like to suggest that perhaps there should be more options. Like maybe seperate msg boards for the adult room players and the clean room players. Or some other such configuration... All I know is that the way it's set up now is keeping most of the 'clean room' players from expressing themselves, as many of us tend to be of a different mindset than the 'adult room' players.

Anyway, just a suggestion
8/31/2009 1:17 AM
It is clear to me that anyone who knows the difference in a clean room player and an adult room player would'nt open up a thread made by someone that they feared might be offensive.
It's also pretty clear that to seperate clean and adult players and block eithers access to the "other" message board WOULD be a restriction of said players freedom of expression.
It is vaugely clear to me that to rewrite enough code to make seperate clean and adult message boards would be a momumental amount of work.
Drimble, I have a suggestion for you. Round up all of your clean friends and spread the word...stay off of the Friendly Banter Threads..(those people are offensive)...and agree to post only on Denee's Potpourri Threads. It's pretty vacant over there. And I'm sure she wouldnt mind. Now I cant speak for anyone but myself here...but I would agree to something like that.
Ya'll can make jokes about my dead brother and anything that tickles you, and I promise to stay away.

Does that sound like a reasonable compromise? I know many Adult Room players that post on Friendly Banter that would readily agree to this deal if they didnt have to see a select few of the Clean Room players anymore.

I think a Message Board Treaty is a wonderful idea. Dissenting opinions and hot tempers are a volatile mixture, and we all could stand a break in the hostilities.

Besides, if any new code gets written, I for one vote for a 'Y' and multiple letters to be the first thing on the agenda.
But being a realist I am not holding my breath.
8/31/2009 2:37 AM
thanks for the plug rixter!
it is pretty quiet over there
deep thoughts seem to be at a minimum these days

a clean player would be more likely to be offended on my threads

sometimes i
i was going to say ... sometimes is say fuck

but instead ill say sometimes i swear
8/31/2009 2:21 PM
While I do get the gist of what you're saying Drimble, I don't really look at it as a battle between clean and adult players. And since many players play both sides of the fence, that's really an unfair assessment. As a primary adult player, I don't agree with 90% of what's being posted on the message board by ANYone.

With that said, sometimes it's just best for me to pick and choose what I want to read, and ignore the rest, lest I get caught up in the drama. (And that's just a lesson in futility!) It's all voluntary, I suppose.

Perhaps there could be an added section called "All Things Controversial" to post potentially offensive thoughts, including politics, race, religion, etc. That could certainly allow the "Friendly Banter" to remain just that.

That's my unsolicited two cents. :)
9/1/2009 2:30 AM
hey chick e


controversial and offensive thoughts?

i think thats swat popourri is sposed 2 B 4
but its snot
being used for that=(
i have said numerous times hey anyone is free to post on popourri but most people never do

and why?

becasue people want everyone to read the crap they post

and they dont care if they offend anyone
in fact many of them get off on offending others

=) thats just how it is

so now you wanta

MAKE friendly banter adult?
and make popourri clean?

you guys must think mike has nothing better to do with his time then this game

9/1/2009 2:55 AM
LMAO Poopy!

Silly Stuff huh?

I retract my promise to stay off of Denees Threads.... I like it there.

I should post more stuff there.

Dont matter if anyone reads it or not...I do.
Dont matter if anyone laughs or not...I do!
9/1/2009 11:25 AM
A warning system... Requires no extra work to speak of.. If you are posting something adult include that in the title thread.. If it offensive or general, something that basic.. Just takes a few extra clicks of the keyboard..

Like the silly bar thread we run at night.. Rednecks only!

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