NOT-SO Friendly Banter

"Happy Veteran's Day 2018"
Started by Rubberdonkey on 11/8/2018 8:47:13 PM

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11/8/2018 8:47 PM
Sunday November 11, 2018 is Veteran's Day in The United States of America.

The history of US Veteran's Day

For your service to our country, I thank
Uncle Alain
Uncle Howard
Uncle Chuck

Reality Check

and anyone else on my friend's list here in acro that served our country honorably.

11/10/2018 2:37 AM
Hey rd

Havent hrd from ya for a bit

Ive made it to a few games. But never sseen you there

I have much respect for anyone who has served
And i
Honor and respect anyone
Man or woman
wholaid down their life for their country

Regardless, of what country
11/12/2018 12:58 PM
Thanks Robert! That means a lot!
11/13/2018 6:03 PM
And thank you too fuct I was in the United States Marine Corps for 6 years! 1978 - 1984!

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