NOT-SO Friendly Banter

"Trump 2020!"
Started by rehab33 on 5/7/2018 12:27:42 PM

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5/7/2018 12:27 PM
Mr. PeaBody
5/10/2018 9:29 AM
Damn you Re now you went and made me threw up in my mouth a bit.......I don't think you can run for president when you are a felon in prison and my hope is that "Ego Man" will be tried for treason and locked away. For the life of me I can not understand why smart American people find this reality star to be doing anything but harm to America, drain the swamp my ass.......BTW just asking do you think Rudy is doing all right I mean the man looks like Charles Manson with his crazy eyes, but I do love how he keeps tossing the Trumpanator under the bus, he really has sour grapes over not being on his team from the get go.... pay backs baby ....
5/11/2018 11:23 PM
Damnit Mr. P, I Didn't Know You Were Into Throwing Up Into Your Own Mouth!!! COOL!!!
5/12/2018 1:11 AM
Wellll, if one happens to be an overboard liberal (like most seem to be these days) one will listen to or watch the far left wing "news" available, left wing late night talk show hosts, left wing "celebrities" (as if they could hold a candle next to REAL celebs such as Bob Hope, John Wayne etc.)AND last but not least the whining, spoiled candy butted millenials that wouldn't last a day without having a cell phone in their hand. That's the so-called "smart Americans" huh? LOL, what a joke.

I don't watch any kind of media, especially the ones listed above. I go by the results accomplished by our current president.

Donald Trump is an ass, an abhorent individual at times, but in real life VS the candyland the over-the-top liberals want, real life is just too harsh for their gentle, spoiled and sheltered little souls.

Liberals want to talk treason, criminality etc. when it comes to President Trump yet say absolutely nothing about the criminal acts committed by the obama admin., that swamp donkey hillary, her rapist hubby slick willy and every other slimy critter that's been a liberal democrat in D.C. for years now.

Liberalism-Destroying the USA since 1992 with a total and more destructive revamp in the election of 2008. Left to liberalism, America will die a painful third-world death.
5/12/2018 1:34 AM
One more thing...

Even though I can't stand her, Roseanne Barr stunned some late-night talk show host (I forget who he was because he simply doesn't matter) by saying that she was a democrat or liberal, I don't recall the word verbatim, but that the talk show host and the rest of hollywierd and society had gone off the charts to the left. In saying that, she was absolutely spot on. She went against the grain even though the idiot talk show host wanted her to hate on President Trump as he and his other moronic guests do on a nightly basis.
Despite what liberals claim, they truly truly want President Trump to fail in a baaaad way. Y'all can hate him all you want but when you want a person to fail, you want America to fail and that just doesn't fly with the silent other half of Americans.

Kudos to you Roseann, I might change my mind about you yet!
5/12/2018 4:26 PM
Hey donk

I cant say i disagree
With anything youve said

Nada thing

Politics aint softball
Its hardball

5/15/2018 4:07 AM
Lol i hav ben given The word
By god
To,not make political posts


That. Wont stop me

What youmthink about Sadlers. Statement about mcain

Being almost dead anyways


Where is that bitch cuming from

5/16/2018 8:45 AM
McCain is a BITCH, Always Has Been Always Will Be!
5/17/2018 5:50 AM
All of the necessary information about mr. wonderful McCain is out there to be found. Read/watch it and come to your own conclusions about the guy.

In my opinion, he way overstayed his time in politics as so many on both sides of the aisle do. He and others such as nancy Pelosi are the reason that term limits are needed in the house and senate. NO man or woman should wield that much power for longer than 8 years total. There should be no lifetime pensions or medical for having been a congressman/woman either. Serve your time and go back to work in the civilian sector to earn money for your retirements.
5/25/2018 4:10 PM
I remember to a time when Hippy Feller was posting here and how dead right he always was. As long as we are divided we can't stand. Our system is divisive with this and that "aisle" or side I'm supposed to take, when we should be working together.. ALL of us! Whether you would choose to be Rep or Dem, neither has it all because there's right and wrong written to each supposed code of ethics. Thank myself I decided I don't make much of a difference here and dropped out! :)
5/27/2018 1:20 AM

I got some bacground. On mccains war record

He was captured. Tortured and talked...

On camera.
Is that it?

Pretty hard to endure that kind of torture
For long

He was there we


So we really dont know

It was ignorant of her to mention it
At a time like that

N hey dont be pissed at him cause he took. What was made available to him

Be pissed at the people who made it available to him
6/4/2018 4:36 AM
It appears that prime minister justin trudeau
Has responeded to trumps tarrifs with

A very very polite canadian response
6/4/2018 4:38 AM
Poor roseanne
She went. Too far, she lost comtrol
Dont lose comtrol like roseanne
6/4/2018 11:49 PM
Or that feckless c**t samantha bee....
6/6/2018 3:00 AM
Lmao but

Sammy b has snot lost her job

And. Maybe roseanne hasnt either

6/6/2018 3:01 AM

Just maybe

People are ready

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