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"Now that weed is legal"
Started by fuct on 1/10/2018 11:09:02 PM

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1/10/2018 11:09 PM

Are there people still
Im prison

from being sentenced when it wasnt legal
What will happen to them..
1/18/2018 12:05 AM
1/20/2018 4:02 AM
Regardless that it is legal now in some states, those that are in jail/prison for charges before it was legal will remain there. They remain there because they broke the law and have to serve their sentences, well, parts of their sentences anyways.

There will continue to be people put in jail for pot usage because they are smoking/eating it while driving, out in public etc. Just because it's legal, it's only legal to a point of home use or in venues deemed legal. Those using it in public, driving or illegally will face the same criminal charges as people using alcohol illegally and rightfully so.

Another thing people will be going to jail using pot for is trying to make hash oil. They will be going to jail when they explode their home, set the neighborhood on fire and injuring/killing people. We have a rash of this idiocy going on here in Colorado for the past couple of years.

I live in a sliver of a town that has a total of ONE stoplight. We have a single convenience store that stays open 24 hours. We have a sh*tty little country grocery store where the owner sells half rotten produce and the meat is taken in the back and re-dated rather than thrown out. Why he hasn't been closed down is beyond me.

Anyways, our town government recently started taking in information as to whether or not they should allow a pot dispensary open in our button of a town so as to make it convenient for pot users. God forbid they have to drive the 15 miles to Durango like the rest of us do to get anything worthwhile such as a decent place to shop for groceries etc.

I refuse to begrudge anyone using marijuana for TRUE medical reasons for those cases are truly medical and have a place in the medical field. Those using it for that reason can drive to Durango or buy it from the one pharmacy we have here in town.

I plan on being at the next town meeting and bringing all of the damaging information regarding pot dispensaries and the problems they bring with them to that meeting. I have pages and pages of information regarding crime, theft, homelessness, fires etc. to present. The town government is interested ONLY in the tax revenue, they don't give a sh*t what the reprecussions could end up being.

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