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"And The Plot Thickens"
Started by Rubberdonkey on 11/9/2017 4:44:49 AM

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11/9/2017 4:44 AM
Boy oh boy, those democrats sure are dirty aren't they?

Donna Brazile, recent head of the DNC is making the rounds on all the talk shows claiming that the DNC wasn't rigged but it "had a cancer" (killary). Really Donna? You giving the questions to clanton prior to a debate isn't rigging? Helping clanton screw over ol' bernie wasn't rigging?

LOL, Brazile is simply doing what politicians have done for ages, make a lot of room between themselves and a guilty party.

So now we know that Diane Feinstein came out this past Sunday and said unequivocolly that there is no collusion between President Trump and the Russians. Gee, tell us something we didn't already know all along Feinstein!

There WAS collusion with the Russians however, only it was on the part of the clantons and democrats high and low in stature. Rigged DNC, rigged primaries, rigged elections, paid for "Russian Dossiere" and last but not least, Uranium One'gate.

Uranium One, the dirty deal where the clantons sold a company that produces a full 20% of US uranium to Russia. The clantons and cohorts in return received kickbacks, bribes and outrageous speaking fees for helping our cold war foes.
What wonderful stand-up patriotic Americans these people are no?

While America has to IMPORT uranium to keep up with demand, this evil, scumbag of a family and their crooked cohorts enriched themselves at the rest of America's expense now and most likely well into the future.

Our illustrious community organizer and his crooked right hand eric holder along with the FBI's Mueller, who is coincidentally heading up the find nothing collusion case on President Trump, knew all about the dirty deal AND approved it!

The "Russian Dossiere" was a crapload of lies. Lies that very possibly might have given the community leader the out to wiretap and illegally spy on then-candidate Trump. We shall soon find out if the unholy trinity of clanton, obumma and holder were able to carry this out.

This "dossiere" was paid for by clanton ultimately through her wide range of crooked friends and sources. It was nothing but an effort on her and cohorts part to steal the election, more than likely for the reason that the public knew she was absolutely crooked and unpallatable.

The truly sad part about all of this is that this group of people consisting of the clantons, cohorts, obumma, holder, lynch and mueller will never do a damned day behind bars.

What is so very sickening of all of this is that despite KNOWING they are all crooks, run-of-the-mill democrats and liberals still speak so highly of them all and truly believe they were something extraordinarily good for our nation. The same people b*tch, whine and moan every damned day about President Trump even though unemployment is at it's lowest point in 17 years, the economy that obumma broke has turned around and is booming, wages are higher, new jobs are being created, factories are coming back online, the stock market is running through the barriers and setting all time highs and President Trump is like John Wayne toilet paper. He's rough, he's tough and he don't take sh*t off nobody from anywhere in the world.

What is it with the democrat elite and the democrat populace? Are they afraid of our nation doing well for once?

Hell, illegal immigration is supposedly down by a full 75%, violent illegal aliens and illegal aliens in general that hurt our country are being repatriated to their OWN countries and democrats are having a cow?! WTF?!!!

They are having a cow despite obumma supposedly deporting more illegal aliens than any president before him.....why is it ok for obumma to deport but not for President Trump to enforce immigration laws and deport?

I truly wish we would become a nation with some cojones for once and enforce all the laws on the books for reals, with real penalties for ALL who break the law including the elite, rather than allowing small time crooks to get raped over and fill the prisons for lesser crimes than what elites commit. It's unfair and it's bullsh*t of the highest order and just a damned shame....
11/9/2017 8:14 PM
you might want to read ALL the laws before you wish for that. Anal sex and oral sex are illegal in most states, even among consenting adults.
11/10/2017 11:28 PM

Its always fun until someone
Loses an eye
11/11/2017 7:32 AM
LOL Michael, I have no worries then. I swore off women ten years ago and decided to live my life for the most important things to me, my daughter and coming granddaughter.

I can't speak for other acroers actions
11/15/2017 4:32 AM
Lol mike. Do you think he got it

11/17/2017 11:19 AM

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