NOT-SO Friendly Banter

"Michael, Where Are They Now?"
Started by Rubberdonkey on 6/3/2017 12:57:41 AM

6/3/2017 12:57 AM
Perhaps Michael was right in thinking about calling it quits for AcroChallenge.

When Michael started his thread about pulling the plug, he not only had that thread filled up but another was started and filled up as well with people saying "noooo, don't close it down, keep it alive, we need it".

But in the weeks/months since those threads were filled up, I have come here at all hours during the day and night and it's a miracle if a couple of players are even here. Most of the time it is devoid of life in here.

Where are all those that asked to keep it alive now? They aren't here. And several of those that begged Michael to not shut the doors are consistently playing over at that VERY sub-par site acrofever having the time of their lives and not giving a shit about the place that brought them to the table in the first place. They are not bringing anything to the table here any longer, instead, they go straight to playing over there.

I dunno Michael, maybe you SHOULD pull the plug on this once coveted site being that some of your regs just go on over and play at that 1992'ish version of acro.

When you do call it quite Michael, I will have played my last game of acro in any form. I started playing your version 15 years ago this month. I want to thank you for providing me a place to come and lift my spirits when my personal life was going down the shitter for one reason or another.
6/3/2017 2:30 AM
I agree Rubberdonkey!! I have not been playing as long as you have, but I have been playing for over 8 years! I have SEEN the same thing also!! The same players begging Michael to keep Acrochallenge alive playing at that SUB-PAR site!! And If you even mention Acochallenge it's like you have the PLAGUE!!!!! They say well nobody was in Acrochallenge I say BULL I have sat in the lobby waiting for THOSE same players knowing that there playing at that SUB-PAR site, not even trying to play here!!!! So I want to ALSO say thank you Michael, and I understand if you lay Acrochallenge to rest!! I will SAY this the same players that BEGGED you to keep Acochallenge ALIVE are the SAME players KILLING it!!! Go Figure Huh???? Again Thanks Michael.
6/5/2017 2:53 PM

An thats the truth
6/7/2017 1:51 AM
In my opinion, the three of you have done more to chase people away from this site than anyone. Again this is just a matter of personal opinion.

First there is 'Rubberdonkey' or Robert Doney or Doley or whatever the fuck his name is in Boulder Colorado, who I suspect probably sexually abused his own daughter for years. I SUSPECT the poor thing has probably seen enough of his irrational and violent tendencies to have developed a healthy fear, maybe even a terror of ever crossing her dear old 'daddy'.

Despite Michael's attempt to lay down some basic 'rules' for linguistic behavior on his forums, this motherfucker has nonetheless practically made a CAREER out of trolling the forums here, engaging in personal attacks (as I am doing now, admittedly), flame wars, and slurs based on ethnic, religious or racial backgrounds, or even just the geographical location of anyone who happens to disagree with him. Years of that insanity here, anyone who has the stomach for it can just go look at the 'archives'.

Then there is 'fuct', also known as 'poopface' or 'Denee' who used to have this part of the forum named after her ('Denee's Potpourri', it used to be called). Though I've seen some people praise her now and then, for some of her quirky thoughts, and she has evidently been a close friend of the owner here, if she had her own forum section and all, 'fuct' more than anyone has 'enabled' or 'legitimized' or 'nomalized' Rubberdonkey's behavior on the forums over the years, posting about how she misses her best buddy, or telling everyone about the great time she had playing with Rubberdonkey the other night. Judging by the number of 'off topic' acros that 'fuct' does at Acro Fever, where she plays as 'meomy' that involve either touching her daddy's privates, or getting her own privates touched by daddy, I strongly SUSPECT that she has been working out some kind of 'daddy issues' or 'Stockholm Syndrome' in her adulation of whover the fuck Rubberdonkey thinks he is.

And rehab, sorry buddy, but a little while ago you were at Acro Fever, dropping 'nigger' acros, and then when some people there criticized you for that a bit (I never said anything myself at the time, but agreed with the critics), you left in a huff, saying there were "too many assholes" for your taste at the time.

And then there are all those idiotic 'conversations' you and fuct have been having on these forums which don't give a very favorable impression on the intelligence of most players here, sorry.

Ahhh... 'Not so friendly banter'. Thanks for giving me a chance to vent here by providing this space, Michael, and for finally putting that asshole in his place, again, when you called him out for his ass kissing and the stuff I mentioned above about how he has used your forums over the years.
6/7/2017 3:56 AM
Hey Bazu, have a coke, a smile and shut the fuck up pinhead.

I have a sneaking suspicion of who you are by the drivel you wrote up there, but I'll bet dollars to doughnuts you'd never admit it.

Evidently you have some issues with me eh? You've given me way too much credit shitbreath. Three quarters of what you wrote aren't attributable to me. While I have engaged in personal attacks, they came AFTER I was besmirched. See, when someone starts with me, I won't let up, it's just the way I am, wrong or right in your or anyone else's eyes.

I'm not a computer whiz as I suspect you are, therefore I cannot track you down to a geographical location as you obviously can me to know so much about me. Unless you've read every single archived thread since the forum's inception, you couldn't possibly know all that you do, nor know my real name unless you've tracked me down by using your computer knowledge. Then again, there is another way you could know these things. Say, by pretending to be a nice guy and a friend to me a few years back only to turn out the be the most vile of critters that humanity has to offer? A guy that is prone to physical violence? Someone who's own daughter left the country to escape his madness and overly touchy-feely ways with her? A guy that is prone to hiding behind a new name so that the folks that play here continue to think he's such a wonderful person?

Funny how you know me so well yet, your name doesn't ring a bell whatsoever beyond 2-3 months ago when you opened your yap regarding what Michael said to me on his thread about pulling the plug.

I suspect that you are one of those that claim to be a "great guy" but in reality, you're this seething prick as you've proven yourself to be by your lovely words in the post above. I also suspect that you have acted as a friend to Denee' and Rehab aka Buddy as well.

Obviously you seem to be jealous of what Denee' has written about me. What's the matter, because you didn't get your name posted in her thread you blew a gasket? I suspect so.

As for Buddy, I've never seen the man use "nigger" in any of his acros OR writings in chat. I suspect that you, being a worthless prick, are prone to lying about him and Denee', just as you did about me in your profanity laced excuse for a post up above.

Yes "Bazu", I am what I am. I can be a good friend or your worst enemy when you take a dump in my cheerios, just as you've told me in the past. The one thing I have over you is that I never once have pretended to be someone other than who I am, unlike yourself playing the role of "Bazu". It's quite cowardly and deceitful to do so. God forbid that anyone know who you truly are right? It might just tarnish that "good guy" image you have so wonderfully crafted over the years as your regular name eh?

Don't go acting as if you aren't guilty of ripping on someone because of their geographical location or if they were bitten by a neighbors dog or what they wear or are innocent of many of the things you've accused me of, you just have yourself fooled into believing you're innocent of them.

6/7/2017 12:28 PM
BAZU?? Really you want to blame 3 people for players NOT playing acrochallenge anymore?? REALLY?? You question there intelligence because of some messages in this forum?? REALLY?? You must be a very SAD person, and an internet TROLL!!! I say it's people like YOU that is responsible for players leaving acrochallenge! I mean to TROLL and accuse 3 people that YOU don't even tho except thru an internet game is crazy!! But maybe you are CRAZY, Or just looking for something to do with your SAD life! I have been to that AF site and found it a SUB-PAR site to AC, anybody can see that with ANY intelligence!! But you can say what you want to because YOU hide behind BAZU? I hope it helps you thru your day!!!!!
6/7/2017 12:57 PM
Bazu... 1st off, you must be a "regular" to know so much... why is it then that you are hiding behind an unknown name?

As for your perverted thoughts about Robert and Denee... dude, you need to go masturbate and call it a day... stop the perverted fantasies you have about players.

I know Robert, we have met and he is one of the nicest people I know, I think the world of him.

Fuct... known Denee since I started playing 100 yrs ago and she is so sweet... she would never cause problems.

Rehab... Buddy is a good player, sounds like you are jealous of him.

It is really sad what is happening to AC.. I have played acro with a great bunch of players (some not so great)since 1999 and I miss playing.

What would SisterFister say... Snipples... Weaseldik...???

6/7/2017 1:25 PM
How I miss the old days. Why can't everyone just get along!
6/8/2017 12:59 AM
Bazu is god..?

Gods not sposed to judge
Bazu is snot


6/10/2017 2:33 PM
I've come in to play many times, but no one is here so I go elsewhere. I prefer AC but if no one is here, then what else can I do?
1/14/2018 5:02 PM
I have showed up twice this week hoping to find everyone and no one is here. What in the world is going on. Acrochallenge rocks. Acrofever pretty much sucks on graphics. Anyway, I hope to find you all here soon. I'm sorry I left, really, come back, come back.
1/15/2018 12:03 AM

Who is this man who has the impudence to call himself god?

...This mr B
I have a good idea

For you

Judge not asshole
lest ye be judged..

Lol anways ,
Hi and hugs
For all the great people...

Poopface fuct Denee’
Love and msss was you

1/15/2018 12:05 AM
Ah sassy hugz

as schlong ass some asshol wants to play god...
This shit will happen
1/20/2018 2:30 AM
Of false prophets

1/20/2018 4:34 AM
Well, it's happened yet again. bazu said that Denee', Rehab and myself should give posting a break and people will show back up again to play. I mean after all, it's opinion is that we three chased every single person away from this game ya know?

We gave it a good long break and yet not a soul, not even that thing called bazu showed up to play. Well rats bazu, it must SUCK to be wrong every time you post your opinion eh?
1/22/2018 12:55 AM
Lmao donk
Despite bazus remarks.
As to his. Godlyness
As you can clearly see....
He has no words
1/24/2018 10:41 PM
Forget acrofever and acrochallenge, acrozilla is awesome
1/25/2018 3:16 AM
Mr p is rude
2/3/2018 4:26 AM


Meaning... it was not called for....

I never once
Made a adult Cro

And yet
Mr p
Jumped all over me
2/16/2018 10:49 PM
Well, I'll say this about Bazu - he (I presume) appears to be a pretty good judge of character. I don't think Denee can be accused of anything other than poor choices in the company she keeps, but apart from that, very insightful.
2/19/2018 4:24 AM
2/20/2018 9:35 PM
Considering orca is a known hacker that consorts with at least (1) known internet predator/stalker, their opinion is at the very best laughable and at the very least hypocritical.

If one has the stomach to, one may have a look at the history of their feral and rabid postings that not only rival other posters' but surpass them quite heartily.

It isn't a stretch to believe orca and Bazu are one and the same person. Especially considering both use equal telltale words and expressions.

2/24/2018 10:32 PM
Perhaps it's because we both finished "skool" that we sound similar to you.

I suppose it's possible that "Foster" could be RubberDonkey's betrothed - the one who's so forgettable I can't even remember his nickname. You know, the one who gets all teary when a puppy dog nips his finger. But from the tone, my money is on it being the pint-sized purveyor of porn and pooh himself.

One thing you can count on though - I don't need to hide behind multiple identities, unlike some.
2/28/2018 2:48 AM
Lmao i love you guys but aeve got to get out of our ego
3/2/2018 2:36 AM
Crap! Who broke the "in case of emergency" glass and let that dorca out?

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I have absolutely no problem coming head on towards you or anyone else old man. Apparently according to Bazu, I'm even famous, er infamous for it. I guess the fact that I haven't spoken your name or even referred to you in three years hasn't stopped you from claiming that this "pint sized purveyor of porn" is aka this Foster person eh? Is old age and even more mental irregularity creeping up on you dorca? Foster is correct in saying you are a hacker although I would use a more subtle term like computer whiz. After all, wasn't it you that tracked me and my location down along with a girlfriend of mine when we posted together on this forum years ago? Why, yes it was. Isn't it you that are so good at using these things that you once owned a computer store or service? Yes again.

As for my "betrothed", RC hasn't been here in over five years. Only a senile old man like you would think of only two possibilities when (wait for it, news flash coming) there are many others besides myself and RC that have experienced the real nature of the beast that is dorca and can't stand you. Keep grasping at those silly straws dorca, I don't need to use multiple identities as you put it, to address you.

The money you would put on Foster being me would be much better spent on a personality, some dentistry and a desperately needed nose job matey, CHEERS!