Installation and Game Issues

"Lol. Ok. I'll ask"
Started by fuct on 11/8/2015 2:30:24 AM

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11/8/2015 2:30 AM
Awhile ago. I chuckled. About someone who had a slow. Connection
Smug. As I was
I am now here. Asking

I have a slow
It keeps booting me
I'm technically challenged
So. What. Can I do
11/11/2015 1:53 AM
Bobciously. No one has. Any ideas. Or. They are just to polite to post them
Or no one reads this
Or maybe. They do read

Or. A million other thing

But. What happened. Was
My iPad. Wasn't. On the connection. It was posed to be on
It. Took it. Upon itself. To switch did it all by itself!

Just so you know
iPads can do this
11/11/2015 5:17 PM
Glad it got figured out. I did suggest to get a modem booster in a room one night.....hope you didn't go that route then. Glad you can ACRO at full speed again! :)
11/15/2015 3:12 AM
Hey sweet. Girl
I found out what the problem was
It. Was. This. God iPad

Trying to think for me
It. Siwitched Connections.
On its own.
With no permission
I'm not. Joking. About. Machines. Takin. Over
I'm. Dead. Serious
11/15/2015 3:13 AM
Phew. My work here is done
Time for sleep

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