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"Ban Zibot"
Started by Rainy on 3/5/2012 1:43:02 PM

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3/5/2012 1:43 PM
Hi Michael. Sorry to bug you but Zibot's thread titled "Rubberdonkey's dead mother is a slut" started on 3/4/2012 at 1:51 pm is so sickening and offensive. Please ban Zibot from posting on the msg board until at least February 2013 when both the election and inauguration have passed.

There are a number of good people who post on our msg board and none of them deserve the assault on their eyes which Zibot created.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this request.
3/5/2012 6:50 PM
I am against censorship of any kind. Zibot's passion for politics makes him go way overboard in disrespecting other posters to your message board. RD probably has enough sense not to be bothered by Zibot's latest post, yet it's hard to take someone disrespecting your mom. I use to defend Zibot all the time, until he made light of my son being trapped in a car accident for an hour as firefighters cut him out. Even though it's "just words", Zibot's comments were hard to take.
Many would never have started this thread as most know you have better things to do, but many feel exactly as Rainy does.
3/5/2012 9:14 PM
Zibot is an asshole. Vote Yes on BZFAMB!
3/6/2012 1:27 PM
You already know how I feel about this subject, I have sent you a PM regarding me feelings. Please... do something about this... end the bullcrap that spews from zibots fingers. He has attacked a lot of good people for the sole purpose of his own sick pleasures.

Ban him! Forever like you did Yo Romeo!

Thank you,
3/6/2012 6:19 PM
I'm not a real fan of anyone being banned but with that said it should be a fair game that applies to everyone.

I've seen people banned for simply closing out threads, and threads of Zibots at that. I've seen others banned for making hateful comments (very similar), and then I've seen one banned for actually making death threats to the site owner, and Zibot as well.

1st, yes RD's a friend of mine. 2nd, yes..Zibots certainly no fan of me, as I am definitely no fan of his (and likewise with RD). People bicker back and forth and even go overboard all the time, and have for years. The thread directed at RD calling his mother a slut is way overboard, and takes it to an entirely different level. Even trying to hide it as if there was some greater point or lesson to be learned or for us to be taught is still way overboard.

The balancing scale seems a bit off, and slightly tilted.

I quite honestly do not think I (and many others) could make such a thread without being banned.

This could not of come at a worse time either for the man. RD was just lifeflighted to a hospital in Denver from his local hospital recently.

No that's no joke, and that's where he remains.
3/6/2012 6:30 PM

geeez being so outspoken and against Obama's health care plan, I hope donk is a big enough man to practice what he preaches and refuses Government paid health care.

3/6/2012 8:37 PM
He doesn't need Obamacare!

Jane Eyre
3/6/2012 8:51 PM
Please ban him. Permanently. No temporary time will be sufficiently healing to the message board.

I try very hard to stay out of the drama. The fact that I'm here should say something about how bad it has been.
3/6/2012 10:32 PM
I agree- Zibot has been spreading hate and bitterness for years and I think we deserve a message board without the personal attacks, racism, and general hate Zibot likes to bring forth.
He has repeatedly violated the rules for the message board, and even tho' he stated that he was going to stop taking part in messages of hate, he continues to do so.
He's had plenty of chances to turn things around, but it is obvious he has no desire to do anything here but hurt other people.

3/6/2012 10:34 PM
Rush Limbaugh apologized for calling that woman a slut. Instead of apologizing to RD for calling his mother a slut, Zibot insults him further by using his illness to once again talk politics.

Until this moment, Zibot, I think I have never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness.
If it were in my power to forgive you for your reckless cruelty I would do so. I like to think that I am a gentle man but your forgiveness will have to come from someone other than me. Zibot, may we not drop this?
Let us not spread any more hate on this message board, Zibot. You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, Zibot? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?
3/6/2012 10:36 PM
The reason why I do not post on the message board is because Zibot said something so offensive to me years ago that I left the board rather then take his abuse. I'm usually the live and let live type of person, however, in light of how I was viciously attacked, I support the movement to ban Zibot as well.
3/6/2012 11:24 PM
I don't play at AC alot but I do read the message board and post or comment from time to time as I have friends in the acro community that it helps me keep in touch with. Pretty far back comments made about dumb southerners and such kept me away. Recently all I did was comment about gas mileage on a car and off he went. Seeing the titles of threads he posts upsets me. No one should ever use someones loss to further their agenda or political views. As far as RD goes all I have ever seen him do is defend himself and yes it gets heated but you don't see him starting threads about Zibot.

Actually ever disagreement I have seen on the message board seems to involve Zibot.

Common denominator? I think so.....
3/6/2012 11:47 PM
I agree with the two posts made by RC, well said.
3/7/2012 12:15 AM
This is a private forum, where the owners of the forum, Michael and Chris can decide what is permitted. I think the message is clear... ban and move on.
3/7/2012 1:49 AM
Why even HAVE the message board rules if there is no accountability for those who break them?
3/7/2012 9:01 AM
most of you you quickly find a replacement for zibot

Jane was always a pita in the room, if someone said anything she didn't like she would throw a hissy fit and leave, ruining the room of us players, she's one of the reasons I stopped playing acro.

if these people had their way the MB would be pretty lame

imaginary muffins

the weather

well that's about it....

you guys live for this shit

and like I said if not zibot , someone else.

grow up and enjoy your real lives, remember this is only the internet

and everyone here loves calling zibot names, "idiot" etc. so look in your hearts and find where the real hatred lies.

oh shit Rush is on, it's 9 am, quick turn on your radio or you'll miss the latest installment of "Sluts".

3/7/2012 9:21 AM
I agree that it is long overdue to remove the pestilence from an otherwise enjoyable mb. Removal of such poison is my vote.
3/7/2012 10:26 AM
"They're only words"....
True enough for some, but to others hateful words from others can have a deep impact. Remember- everyone is different. We all have different beliefs, values, and different degrees of abilities to not let other peoples comments affect us. It took me far too long in life to realize that what others say or think can't hurt me. Their opinions are theirs- not mine. BUT- before I learned this, yes- I was often hurt by others, so I know how it feels. There were times I just wanted to kill myself, because people made me feel so worthless. Many other people were pushed past their limits by the hateful words of others, and DID take their own lives.

It is not for myself I wish to see Zibot banned- my armour is too thick for him to hurt me, and I know what his game is. It's others I worry about. I've seen how cruel he can be and I'd be a liar if I said it didn't piss me off when he hurts people I care about.

So yes- to some people, they ARE "just words".... but I think we need to step up and protect the more tender souls by removing this cancer.

Remove the cancer or take down the list of rules for posting and just make this train-wreck an all out free-for-all. Rules being posted suggests enforcement of said rules and an enviorment in which these rules are not being broken.
3/7/2012 7:05 PM
Zibot is a thorn in many peoples' sides.
He's gone out of his way to anger people.
Who wants to be angry?
We are here to have a good time and laugh with friends.
3/8/2012 1:59 AM
Michael and Chris

This is a game issue, please see to it.

I am writing to inform you that there has been an ongoing issues in reguards to the Acrochallenge. There are two issues at hand.

1. User name has been apparently compromised, as people are getting an error message that they are being logged out because someone has gotten on with the same name. This has happened to me on a number of occasions.

2. I get booted out of the challenges before i get over 4 points into the game, becoming frozen as you will.

Can you please address these issues, it has become a challenge just to play a full game. Thank you. I hope you get these fixed as i have enjoyed Acrochallenge for a while.

Thanks again
Alyson, (patchesdipsy)(shebrat)
3/9/2012 2:39 AM
For eight years, I owned and operated a depression support chat room. I had it set in a controlled environment to protect everyone from people exactly like Zibot. I'm not implying that everyone here needs 'protecting', but you never know battles people are facing in real life and some people are more sensitive than others.

I believe Acrochallenge is supposed to be a place to play and have fun and NOT a place to suffer the nonsensical abuse of the heartless and uncaring. Please help make Acro the fun and enjoyable place we all know and love by eliminating the problem.
3/9/2012 12:04 PM
Thank you all for your comments and support to end the ugliness. I hope there will be a brighter day ahead.
3/12/2012 10:26 AM

"2) the practice or doctrine of noninterference in the affairs of others, especially with reference to individual conduct or freedom of action."

"And when the broken hearted people living in the world agree
There will be an answer, let it be
For though they may be parted, there is still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
There will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be
Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be............"
3/13/2012 5:42 PM
So sad. :-(

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