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"I lost my password, but thats not the only problem."
Started by vivalavida on 4/8/2010 4:41:42 PM

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4/8/2010 4:41 PM

I have been trying to get onto my account for quite some time now and I somehow logged onto my account on this website, so i thought I should post this. All the other times, like trying to log onto the game/websites, it says incorrect log in. I want to create a new account but it is not letting me. I tried going to "log on" button like it said in a faq thread in order to create a new account, but there is the small problem of having to "log on" to create a new account. That feature makes you wonder...

I have tried to install and re-install the game, but it only ever gives me the option of logging back in, not creating a new account.

I'd like to create a new account and get back right onto this game, but I don't see a way how to.

Many thanks to whomever reads this thread and replies.

Happy Acroing!
4/8/2010 5:06 PM
i had the same problem...well, it's not really a problem, just a misunderstanding. All you have to do is put in the new username you want to use with no password, then it will ask if you want to create a new account. Put in new password and voila, you're in.
P.S. you have to do this from the acrochallenge launcher either on your desktop or in your start menu(for windows).
Hope this helps!

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