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"Ubuntu "
Started by Positron on 2/17/2010 9:09:55 AM

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2/17/2010 9:09 AM
Just a quick note .. I read.. or perused the instructions for linux install.. I have a Ubuntu dual Boot myself and I am quite fond of Ubuntu so I thought I would pipe in..

For those users on a new linux install that are used to a gooey interface.. you don't have to do ALL that!!

Simply execute both the setup file and Acro Challenge from wine. In fact even half of this step works!

( IE once downloading , clicky wine, clicky config, clicky on add programs, choose on the setup file , execute that file now that wine is known to be responsible for it, repeat process for the game once executing the setup )

I am running ultimate edition 2.5 , a mod of karmic koala ubuntu.. installing was simple and painless. In fact it runs better in wine then in windows! Moreover , I would rate Acro INSTANTLY to a GOLD standard of games that play well with linux. I have had quite the list of issues with another game that is rated silver.

Don't be scared to install on linux! Just associate windows files with wine and you are fine ! No need for a command line!
2/24/2010 8:54 PM
Thanks very much for the positive feedback. Glad you could enjoy the game!

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