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"alert, grossly offensive nick"
Started by Stengar on 8/3/2009 12:42:22 AM

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8/3/2009 12:42 AM


There's a recently created nick called "NumbDigger." This is grossly offensive. Can you do anything?


8/3/2009 4:25 AM
hey there stengar

numb digger?

i got no problem with that
its simply a play on words
i personally dont think that people should be offended
people could say

wum dighty...

it dont make it so

i think people are aweful uptight about r acial stuff

because to tell ya the truth
it goes both ways....

but i guess you have the right to be offended
8/3/2009 9:07 PM
around these parts we whites are called "white trash" by a select group of people.

So what do we do?

"Nuttin' Honey"

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