Installation and Game Issues

"Still waiting"
Started by Large Negro on 7/10/2009 2:50:21 PM

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Large Negro
7/10/2009 2:50 PM
I'm still waiting for a reason why i'm unable to log into the game.
Large Negro
7/20/2009 12:16 AM
I'm still waiting and i'd sure like an answer.
7/21/2009 4:04 AM

well the answer is

you may
or may not want to hear it is

you have about as much chance
of finding out why
as a fart in a windstorm...

probley you'll never get an answer

but feel free to keep asking

good luck... maybe some computer geeks could help you

hey you computer geeks out there!... can anyone help him

7/25/2009 8:41 PM
Wow why isn't there a download for Vista?
I mean what have us Vista users do to ya? LOL

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